Plaza District Council

Charting a new century on the Plaza and surrounding neighborhoods in the heart of Kansas City

The Plaza District Council is a nonprofit organization representing and collaborating with Plaza district stakeholders to support this iconic and historic district.

Why Us?

We’re a nonprofit whose founders believe the Plaza district is one of Kansas City’s most vibrant destinations and want to ensure it remains that way. We influence the coordination of public and private resources to sustain and grow the area as an iconic and cultural center of Kansas City. Our leadership group represents some of Kansas City’s most dedicated philanthropists, civic leaders, and community builders.

Why Now?

Downtowns and entertainment districts are enjoying a resurgence in this post-covid era. The Plaza district has long been one of Kansas City’s must-experience destinations for locals and visitors. With three new streetcar stops coming in Spring 2025, there is an urgency to rethink the Plaza experience as a place of community, belonging and connectedness.

What’s at Stake?

Beyond the 100-year-old, iconic shopping district, the Plaza area has long stood as a vital city center. A place to gather in both celebration and protest. The area is a critical economic driver for the entire city. Now is the time to ensure a future that is brilliantly planned, vibrant, successful, and inviting.

Our Mission

To serve as a community convener, building an inclusive, activated and engaged greater Plaza district — a must-experience destination for residents and visitors, driving economic and social value.

Our Purpose

The Plaza District Council represents the needs and concerns of residents, nearby neighborhoods, tenants, merchants, business owners, organizations, and visitors. They rely on the Plaza as a nexus of beauty, shopping, tourism, leisure, dining, history, exercise, and romance.

Our goal is to be the center point for Plaza Area-related planning and development projects, community issues, and placemaking activities.

As a collaborative organization, we strive to include a broad group of stakeholders and find common ground through active dialogue. We seek to understand varying perspectives and achieve a common vision for the future of the Plaza district.

We are a donor-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Country Club Plaza from Brush Creek

“We will bring diverse voices to the table to work towards acknowledging the past and creating realistic, inclusive, and productive ways to welcome ALL members of our community to enjoy the natural and architectural beauty of the Plaza and surrounding area.”

Kate Marshall, Kansas City Champion & Founder