Plaza District Public Improvement Advisory Committee Grants

May 18, 2024

A number of Plaza District PIAC grants were approved this winter – the most significant among them, $355,000 in funding to repair the cracked cement and broken bricks on the sidewalks of the Wornall Bridge over Brush Creek. The PDC will be following closely the intentions and progress of these projects by Public Works and the Parks Department.

Wornall bridge over Brush Creek repair

  • #411030
  • $355,000
  • Repair bridge deck and ensure bridge and connections are ADA accessible

Traffic calming at 49th st between Brookside Blvd and Wornall Rd

  • #410323
  • $132,000
  • Installation of curb extensions and midblock chicanes to calm traffic.
  • This location runs between Central and Wynadotte.

Troost Bridge over Brush Creek Greenway Study

  • #410344
  • $50,000
  • To evaluate long term options for replacing glass panels with different types of artwork.

Traffic calming along Ward Parkway from Jefferson St to Broadway Blvd

  • # 410171
  • $5,000
  • Installation of delineators, and signage along Ward Parkway.

We will share progress on these projects as news becomes available.