Mayor Lucas is Optimistic About the Plaza

May 10, 2024

During a presentation to the KC Downtowners on May 9th, the Mayor was asked about the Plaza. He replied:

“The Plaza is still where you find our highest commercial office rents – still Incredible multi-family and frankly single family opportunities near and around the Plaza. People still want to be around the Country Club Plaza and I think that is clear to our potential purchasers. I believe our potential purchasers are still working through due diligence and working with the sellers – which is very good. The thing that was most inspiring to me was they said “look we already understand security issues, and we understand how to take care of aging infrastructure and we are very interested in working with Kansas City to do that”. I’ve had the fortune of meeting with them over time, and many others here have as well.

Kansas City is “all in” on the Country Club Plaza long term! I have absolutely no interest in being penny-wise and pound foolish in connection with making sure that we have a strong commercial District in that part of the city. I think the Plaza is vital – really for the whole region – and certainly for Kansas City proper. When you think about the anchor that it serves for a number of our great institutions: UMKC, St Luke’s Hospital, the Nelson-Atkins Museum, communities nearby, Loose Park, Martin Luther King Park, that area of the East side which is seeing more and more growth – the Plaza is such a vital part of it. I think that with this good ownership group we are able to see positives long term, so I remain very optimistic. I have no reason for pessimism. I’m not only optimistic, but I’m bullish on what we can do with a responsible ownership group long term, with good investment in our Parks and Recreation inventory, and I think with even better transit connections long term.”

Mayor Lucas 5/9/24