Mayor Lucas Expresses Confidence That Plaza Sale is Imminent

Jun 12, 2024

Mayor Quinton Lucas made an announcement today that the long-awaited sale of the Country Club Plaza is imminent, and he expects it to close before the end of June.

The Plaza District Council is very optimistic about the advent of Highland Park Village Partners as the new Country Club Plaza owner. This is such a historic time in the life of Kansas City and the Plaza District.

We couldn’t ask for a better partner—Mr. Ray Washburne and this Dallas buyers’ group know exactly what is needed to ensure that the next hundred years on the Plaza will be epic, meaningful, and breathtakingly beautiful. From our conversations, we are confident that they will respect what is so unique about the Plaza and improve it in ways that are beyond imagination.

The Plaza District Council, an advocacy organization for the stakeholders of the district, is committed to a productive and fruitful collaboration with Highland Park Village Partners while we address walkability, safe intersections, ongoing security concerns, and crumbling infrastructure throughout the district. We represent the interests of the neighbors, residents, employers, visitors, owners, and more who enjoy this iconic and beautiful area.