Improving the Plaza KC Streetcar Stop

May 13, 2024

The Plaza District Council (PDC) has proposed several changes to improve pedestrian safety around the Plaza transit stop. We are pleased to report that KC Streetcar and KCMO Department of Transportation have welcomed these recommendations which include:

  1. Traffic Calming Measures: Implementing measures such as raised intersections to slow down vehicle traffic where people are crossing.
  2. Enhanced Crosswalks: Installing pedestrian refuges and visible crosswalks to ensure pedestrians have time to safely cross Brookside Boulevard.
  3. Sidewalk Improvements: Expanding and maintaining sidewalks to provide a safer and more comfortable walking environment.
  4. Clear signage: Making sure KC Streetcar passengers know about the abundance of amenities and features in the Plaza District when disembarking at the Plaza Transit stop.

These changes aim to create a safer and more accessible environment for pedestrians using the Plaza transit stop.

To learn more about the KC Streetcar Main Street Extension, click here.