Plaza Area Council

Board Member

Chris Goode

CEO, Ruby Jean’s Juicery

Chris Goode is the founder of the purpose-driven, Emmy award-winning Ruby Jean’s Juicery, based in Kansas City, MO. Chris is a passionate entrepreneur who started his company in 2015 to honor the premature death of his Grandmother Ruby Jean, who fought a short-lived battle with Type 2 diabetes. He adamantly believes had his grandmother had the knowledge of juicing and a healthy lifestyle that she’d still be alive today. Chris has made it his life’s work to educate underrepresented communities and integrate the juicing culture in his hometown, which is why he strategically opened the flagship Ruby Jean’s location in a longstanding food desert at 30th and Troost, not far from where he grew up.

Chris has taken the platform of Ruby Jean’s over its first seven years of business and leveraged it to consistently generate tangible change and health awareness throughout the Kansas City community and beyond.

Chris’ love for service and community has found him on several important boards in Kansas City. Chris is a former Commissioner with Parks & Rec and currently serves on the Menorah Medical Center board. He is the first person to have attended Operation Breakthrough as a child to go on to serve on their board of directors.